Dedicated to change the way you travel.


We are MousTag, a company run by dutch travel junkies who are currently living on Bali, Indonesia and in Holland.  As long time travellers we have first hand experience with all aspects of travel. Losing our bags has always been a personal nightmare. Not just because of the cost associated with it, but more because of all personal items and memories attached to everything we are carrying with us.

But in our travels we have always been delighted to see how many honest people there really are. From lost phones in taxis, to forgotten passports in receptions, people have always been willing to return, that which you have lost if they only have a way of reaching you.

That’s why we have created MousTag, to make it as simple as possible for your lost items to be returned  but without you needing to give away sensitive private information like name and adress.

One of the other aspects of travel we have always found enjoying was sharing our travel stories with the people we meet on the road or the people back home. With the rise of the internet and social media like Facebook it was even easier to share our passion for travel. But we always shared moments, never the journey as a whole. So in addition to implementing a innovative lost and found solution, we also looked how we could make our travels easier to share and how to visualize not just one moment of our trip, but the whole journey.

And that’s why we created our MousTag tag and app. Have comfort in the fact that when your bag is lost, and someone finds it, it was never easier to get into contact with you. And while you travel you’ll be able to visualize your journey as never before and let everyone share in your joy of your travels.

– The MousTag Team –

  • Fons van Acker
    Fons van Acker CEO (Co-founder)

    Hello I am Fons, current CEO and co-founder. My trip started early 80s by visiting Dubai when the sheikh had not even dreamed of the Burj al Arab hotel. Today i’ve already visited 40 countries and even sailed the seven seas, but I’m still curious for adventure.

    Entrepreneurship has been my passion for more then 25 years and Moustag is our new adventure. A beautiful product that comes from the experience of years of travel, which was not on the market as it is now. MousTag a must have for everyone that travels around the globe.

  • Peter Bierman CTO (co-founder)

    Hi, I’m Peter. Current CTO and co-founder of MousTag. I’ve been travelling for as long as I can remember. I’ve hiked on the glaciers in Patagonia and spent christmas in New York. I’ve watched the dolphins play in Indonesia and spent five days in a train going from Beijing to Moscow.

    Besides being a travel junkie, I’ve been a software developer for most of my life. I’ve escaped the big corporate cubicles and the managers that never listen and have been working on projects I love for the last couple of years now.