Introducing MousTag

Travelling is a passion. Once you see different parts of the world you want to seem them all. Meeting new people, seeing other cultures and the wonders of the world. There is nothing quite like it. But travelling itself can be pretty tiring sometimes. And when changing buses on your way to machu pichu it’s easy to forgot your daypack in the back seat or when you have three stopovers on your way to Sydney you cross your fingers that your luggage will arrive when you do.

But there is nothing like seeing the world yourself. Sunsets on the beach in Thailand, watching the alpacas run in Patagonia or riding a yak on the mongolian planes. And reliving your stories back home with friends and family.

Well we did all these things and many more. And with all our travelling eperience we came up with a few ideas to make travel even more comfortable and enjoying. What if your bag could always be returned to you without too much effort? What if you could share your travels while travelling and not just when you come back home?

That’s why we developed MousTag, the ultimate travel companion.

Add a MousTag to your backpack or suitcase and propel your journey into the digital age. With a moustag tacked onto your bag it’s ready for your journey. If you would happen to lose your bag anyone can contact you with the help of  the tag. They can send you an email either through NFC, QR or just by typing the address in the browser. You can leave a personal message for whoever finds your bag and contact them directly.
And the exciting part is that you do not need to leave any personal information on the tag itself.
Identity theft is becoming a bigger problem every year so you have to be careful where you leave your name and personal information. With the help of our tag people can easily come into contact with you without you giving away sensitive information.

And that’s not all. With the help of our app and tag you can track your travels on the road. Taking a picture of the Borobudur you would like to share? Use our app and everyone will be notified of your tagged location immediatly and they will see a beautiful styled map with all your previous tagged locations.

They can follow whatever you want to share and see all the best places you have visited. Meet someone new on the road and want to talk travel? Don’t tell them where you’ve been, show them! They only need to tap your tag with a NFC enabled phone and depending on your privacy settings can see all your previously visited places.

And this is just the beginning. We have lots more ideas how you can integrate the physical world with the digital. With the help of our MousTag travel will become even more enjoying then it already is!


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